Friday, September 23, 2011

Have a Great Holiday Preps S and K

Our Quadblogging buddies from Melbourne, Australia are now on holiday for 2 weeks.
that doesn't mean you can't visit their blogs and leave them some comments.

Mrs Swann's Class - We Love Learning - Prep S

Mrs Kennedy's Class - Learning Together - Prep K


Learning Together said...

Dear Mrs Laburn and Room 3,
Thank you so much for your wonderful message! We hope you have a great holiday too!
Your voices were really smooth and I feel great! (Sienna)
Your voices were very clear. (Andy)
Thank you for sending this message to us. (Molly)
We are starting our holidays right now!
Keep visiting our blog,
From your friends Mrs Kennedy and Prep K

Prep S said...

Hello to all the chiren in 'Kids with a View' and Mrs Laburn
Thank you for your message. We feel very special. It was really. We are excited to be on holidays. They will be really good. Keep watching our blog and we will try to comment on your blog as well.
from your buddies in Prep S and Mrs Swann

Mrs Molly and Will said...

Hello Kids With A View!
We loved your Honey Bee video. It is really cool looking at other blogs. Even when we are on holidays!
We really like the learning you are sharing with us!
from Molly and Will in Prep K
Bye For Now

Anonymous said...

WOW! Room3 you are great at singing. We really loved your song that you sung. Do you like to sing that song? From Caitlin and Aisha
Hamilton East School
New Zealand

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thanks Molly and Will
Thanks for commenting on our blog even when you are on holiday - we like that!
We had so much fun performing the bee dance - it was our favourite song for so long!
Have a great holiday!

Hillary Parmer said...

Hi! MY name is Hillary Parmer, and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama (located in Mobile, Alabama which is in the United States!) I went and visited both of your class blogs, and I enjoyed both very much! You all are doing such a great job, and I just love listening to your Australian accents!! Prep S, I enjoyed listening to your podcast, watching your slideshow, and watching your movie about recycling! I will definitely have to start recycling paper! Prep K, I really enjoyed looking at your pictures of the Witches you all made! They were too cute! Hope you all keep up the good work!


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