Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cross Country Notice


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 3
How many people will be competing
in the race? Are the teachers
competing? I hope you have lots of fun.
From Noah

Zainab said...

Hey Room 3,
Hope you have lots of fun participating in your cross country competition. Are the teachers going to participate in the competition? Will everybody run in the race on Friday? Have a good time!

Anonymous said...

G'day Room 3
Are the teachers
going to race With you?
Do you need to bring sunscreen?
from Daisy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 3
Are you excited to run?
Do you have a sports uniform? How many people are running?
from Sienna.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 3,
Do you have special sports uniform? Are the teachers going to
race? hope you have a great time.
From Jade. (Prep S Australia)

swannic said...

Hi roopm 3,
How far do you run? Do you have a sports uniform? Don't be late please.
from Keira. (Prep S Australia)

swannic said...

HI Room 3
Do you have a sPecial
sPort uniform? Where
is the cross country?
Have a good day.
from Akuac

Tiffanny said...

Hi Zainab
Mrs Laburn had a fun time. She even did yoga with the All Blacks. She thought it was funny because John Afoa's muscles were too big to put his arms in the air. We were running on the field for our cross country. Did you do a cross country competition?
From Tiffanny Kids with a view


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