Monday, October 3, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzle for our Quadblogging Friends

 Hi Quadblogging friends - 
we have added a jigsaw puzzle for you to do. 
When you have finished the puzzle can you please ask us some questions about the photos and we will answer them for you.


swannic said...

Hi Room 3
Looks like you have been out and about in Auckland.
Where are you in these photographs?
Did you have to travel a long way from your school?
Why is the lady wearing 'olden day' clothes?
What did you learn on your excursion?
What was the most interesting thing you discovered?
I hope you had a wonderful time and I look forward to reading about you discoveries.
from Mrs Swann

Rohan and Neeve said...

Dear Mrs Swann yes we are out and about in Auckland city.
We are at the new bridge at the Viaduct. The Sky tower is in the background.
Yes we travelled a long way from school it took us about 20 minutes to get there.
We saw Sally Sea Breeze at the Maritime Museum she is 150 years old. We are on an old boat and Sally Sea Breeze is telling us about travelling to NZ from England 150 years ago.
We also went on a ferry ride.
It was an awesome day.

swannic said...

Hi Rohan and Neeve
Thanks for explaining what happened on your visit to Auckland. It sounds like you had a great day. After listening to Sally Sea Breeze, do you think you would have liked sailing from England to New Zealand? I wonder how long it would have taken for the ships reach Auckland? You are very lucky to be able to ride on a ferry. We have never taken our Preps on a ferry ride and I think they will want to go on one now!
from Mrs Swann
PS I loved making your photo puzzle.

Mrs. England said...

I love the jigsaw puzzle idea! Looks like your class
had a very interesting field trip. How far is it from your school to the water?

Learning Together said...

Hi Room 3,
I think your puzzle is amazing. I was reading Mrs Swann's comments and Rohan and Neeve's answers. That made me think of what it would have been like for all those people travelling from England to New Zealand. Do you think New Zealand looked the same as it does now 150 years ago?
How fantastic to go on a ferry ride. What did you see?
I hope you have a great day,
From Mrs Kennedy

Abbey said...

We think it is cool that you get to blog with people from Australia. You could ask them questions about their country.
Isabel, Jayda

Room 3 Point View School said...

Dear Mrs Swann
I am going to share my story writing about The Maritime Museum.

On Thursday we took a buts to Maritime Museum. When we got there we had morning tea and we went on a walk. Then we went to Sally Sea Breeze and we pretended we were from 150 years ago and we wanted to go to New Zealand but it wasn't nice and we pretended that we got yucky medicine and we lived in a cabin for 5 months and it was disgusting. It was smelly we went to the toilet in a bucket and if you throw up you can't clean it up and it got even smellier and then we were sailors. After that we went on a hunt and after that we went on the ferry and we could see the Harbour Bridge. Then we came back and saw a navy boat. I felt happy because we went on the ferry.

From Krishant

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Mrs Kennedy and Preps K

Here is my story.

On Thursday we went on the bus then we arrived at the Martime Museum. We had our morning tea when we had finished we went on the new bridge. Then we went to see Sally Sea Breeze. She was nice because she took us to the ticket room. Then she gave us a stamp on our hand. Then on the ship we go! Then we went to the really smelly cabin then we went to see a movie about the stars called the southern cross and people visiting New Zealand. After that we went on a ferry boat to Devonport. We had our lunch and we had a look around the museum. I was very because I had a nice day.
From Orlando

Benny said...

Dear Mrs England and Kindergarten Class

Here is my story

On Thursday we wen on a bus to go to the Maritime Museum we saw a really cool new bridge. The we went to see Sally Sea Breeze she taught us lots of things. She said 5 people sleep in a small bed and there were no showers and they needed to wee in a bucket and poo in a bucket and I think it smelt smelly. She went on a boat to New Zealand a 150 years ago. Outside we saw some sailing ships. After that we watched a movie and it was the story of the people who sailed to New Zealand. We went on a ferry because we got to see Auckland city. I felt really great because it was fun and when I went back to school I felt really tired then we took our badges off.

From Benny

Aum said...

I like the jigsaw puzzle. Do you know that I can do 28 pices ?there are 132 pices when YOU start it it will say 40 pices.

swannic said...

Wow Krishant, thanks for sharing your story. I have a very clear picture in my mind about what it would have been like sailing from England to New Zealand because you used some great words to describe what it was like. I don't think I would enjoy sailing 150 years ago especially having to use a bucket! Can you tell me some of the jobs the sailors had to do? It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I can't wait to share your story with my Preps. Great writing Krishant.
from Mrs Swann

Learning Together said...

To our wonderful blogging buddies in Room 3 and Mrs Laburn,
Thank you so much for your comments today. I was so surprised to see so many emails and so many wonderful comments. Next week (when you are on holidays) the Preps will be back at school and I am going to get them to reply to your questions. So I hope you can check into our blog when you are on holidays.
Have a fabulous holiday - I think you and Mrs Laburn have worked very hard and deserve a break.
Looking forward to skyping with you soon,
From Mrs Kennedy

Aum said...

Hi Mrs Swann it took a long time to get there. It is the maritime museum. This photograph is at the new bridge. Sally Sea breez was in a cabin with her family there were 5 people sleeping in a small bed. We had an awesome time.

Ashira said...

Hi Mrs Laburn I like sciping because you can see the people that you are sciping with and they can see you. I like doing comens on othr people's blog. Are you having a fun holerday? because I am.


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