Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kids with a View haka appearance

The Adidas PR team have told us that Room 3's haka video is to appear
 in this 20m projection spectacular tonight!
The projection is playing before, during and after the semi-final All Blacks vs Australia game tonight.
Fingers crossed.


Robyn Aston said...

So, So, Sooooo COOL Room 3!!! only wish I could see it on the big screen tonight. Go the mighty ALL BLACKS!

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thanks Robyn!
It's the boys in Room 3's favourite pastime- performing the haka!

swannic said...

Hi Room 3
How exciting for you all! I loved watching you do the haka. I showed all my family and they thought you were wonderful too. I will be looking for you all on the TV tonight. Go Wallabies(although it is not looking good for Australia already).
from Mrs Swann

swannic said...

Congratulations Room 3 and Mrs Laburn. I think all your great support and that special haka helped the All Blacks win tonight against the Wallabies. Good Luck for next week when you play France. I will be cheering for your team!
from Mrs Swann

rmannell said...

Well your Haka seems to have worked. The All Blacks had a great win over Australia and will now play France. This is one Aussie who would join you in the Haka to help the All Blacks win against France.

Come on, All Blacks! Be number 1!

Ross Mannell (teacher)
NSW, Australia

Robyn Hibberd said...

Congrats Room 3 you are awesome and continue to be famous.
I love your enthusiasm and passion for the haka!
One more win. GO THE ALL BLACKS!

Rohan said...

That I did't see because I went
to the real game!

swannic said...

Hello Room 3
Congratulations, your team won and our team lost. (Andrew)
How did you feel doing the Haka on TV? (Jacob)
Where did you do the Haka? (Keira)
We didn't get to see you on TV but we loved watching you do the Haka on your blog. We think you are super stars and your team in the best in the whole world.
Enjoy your holidays.
from Prep S

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Andrew sorry your team had to go home early. They played a great game against Wales.

Hi Jacob Room 3 felt very proud that their haka was picked to be part of a big show.

Hi Keira we videoed the haka in our classroom.

It's amazing that you think the All Blacks are the best team in the world when you live in Australia - that's cool!
From Room 3

Camilla.T said...

Wow, really cool haka, you all look like the All Blacks. l really like the how you made the girls be the fans. Keep up the good work!!

Tam Tran said...

We thoroughly enjoyed your haka and were impressed with the facial expressions. Well done the all blacks for winning the world cup

Anonymous said...

Hello from Coppetts Wood School in London. Awesome Haka


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