Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our buddies at Bailey Rd School

On Wednesday 5th October 10 children from Kids with aView travelled to
visit the Year 8's in Room 13 at Bailey Road School in Mt Wellington.
Room 8 are our blogging buddies.  Even though they are much older than us they enjoy
visiting our blog and leaving us some awesomely written comments.
The Room 3 children weren't even feeling nervous
about finally meeting their blogging buddies they were just very excited!



The Room 13 buddies were amazing so welcoming, helpful and patient.
We all looked at each others blogs, made some comments and got to know each other.
The interaction were wonderful moments to watch.
We were also introduced to some more new buddies - Room 2 a Year 1 class.
Now we had 3 new buddies each!
At morning teatime all the children shared a yummy morning tea and went
off to play on the playground.
After morning tea the Bailey Road buddies showed us around their
art exhibition - it was artrageous!
There are so many talented children at Bailey Road.

Thank you so much for our enjoyable visit.

For some more awesome photos of our day click this link


Frances Judd said...

Hi Room 3,
I love seeing how you guys connect with other schools in your area using your blog! I think this is a fantastic way to show your students the importance of social networking. Do you think you guys will use this method to connect with students in other continents/countries as well? I loved looking at your class wikis and seeing the neat pictures the kids created for themselves. You guys are a very interesting class to follow!

Hamilton East School said...

What a great idea to go and visit your buddies! It was cool how you worked together as a team on the computers. The Year 8's at Bailey Road seem so helpful.
You were lucky to learn and play together.
Have a great holiday.
From Room 14

Aryaan said...

Thank you, that was wonderful comment and I hope you put a comment again.

Mr Wood said...

Hi Room 3, we loved your visit and you are the best buddies ever. Enjoy you holiday and we will be blogging with you next term.

Pamela Boykin said...

Hi Jacey, my name is Pamela and I live in Mobile, Alabama. If you were to come to our state I think you would love our beautiful beaches, want to visit the U.S.S. Alabama, and see our world famous garden. I have always wanted to go to see Italy, but as you know that's not in the United States. I really liked your blog site. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for letting me visit your room.

Anonymous said...

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Jeffrey Dorsey said...

Hi Aryaan
I'm Jeffrey Dorsey a student at the University of South Alabama. I'm currently enrolled in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I read your post and it's great how you all have blogging buddies. This will really help you all to communicate and it helps you want to do more blog post knowing that your buddies are reading them. I think the idea of blogging buddies is great. I think that others will pick up on this idea and it will become very popular.

Mohana said...

Hey, I had lots of fun with you guys and especially my buddy Ashira. We should do it again sometime!


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