Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mrs Laburn meets the All Blacks!

Yesterday five All Blacks Aaron Cruden, Adam Thompson, Victor Vito, Hosea Gear 
and John Afoa met up with some lucky prize winners (including Mrs Laburn)
for a meet and greet session at the Backing Black HQ.

Tonight it's game on!
We will be Backing Black more than ever.
Rugby World Cup 2011 Final
New Zealand vs France

Go the Mighty All Blacks from Room 3!

Have you met an All Black before?
Please tell us about it.


Learning Together said...

WOW! How amazing Mrs Laburn. What a wonderful experience. I am watching the game right now and barracking for the All Blacks. I hope you win!
From Mrs Kennedy

Mrs. England said...

That is very exciting! We don't have rugby but we get very excited over college football and basketball in Kentucky.

Stacy P. said...

I am very excited for your class! We don't have rugby here in Georgia, but we do have college football! I just found your site and love it! I've been researching class blogs for my son's school, Landmark Christian School. Maybe if we get a blog up you can log on too. You all are doing a great job and look to be learning a lot. Be sweet and listen to your teacher!

Aum said...

I watched the game yesterday night I saw them playing I was tired at half time.

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Stacy
Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog.
We would love to connect with Landmark Christian School.
Yes we are all crazy about rugby in New Zealand and even more so now that we have won the 2011 Rugby World Cup so exciting!!
Perhaps your son could start up a blog and we could keep in touch that way?? It’s a great way to bring the world closer!
We had a student teacher in our class from Georgia last year – she was amazing! She shared a lot of information about your wonderful state!
Stay in touch.
Kids with a view (Room 3) and Mrs Laburn

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Aum
It's great that you are commenting during the holidays!

I know that it must have been very tiring to stay up so late last night but I am sure you thought it was worth it to watch the All Blacks beat France!
See you tomorrow
From Mrs Laburn

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thanks for backing black Mrs Kennedy!!

We sure are champions!

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Mrs England

Yes it was a very exciting and surprising day! We are so proud of the All Blacks in NZ. They make us proud to be kiwis!

Rohan said...

I've seen Ma'a Nonu, Richie McCaw and Israel Dagg.
I was with those guys. I forgot where I went.
I went there because my dad found out!
I felt happy because it was exciting!
It was exciting because I played rugby games!
There was running, kicking rugby balls, and dodging bags. I was watching the rugby players practice. I had my photo taken with Nonu, McCaw and Dagg.

PJ said...

Wow that must have been great meeting the All Blacks, That must have been an experience of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

WOW that is great i wish i was there with you guys.

phoenix said...

Awesome , aren't you guys lucky to have a teacher meeting the ALL BLACKS ! Mrs Laburn what did you have to do to be that LUCKY WINNER ?

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Pj
Yes I would say an experience of a lifetime! They were such nice guys! Great to have time to meet and greet.
Have you ever met an All Black?
Mrs Laburn

Room 3 Point View School said...

HI Pheonix and Jaycee
I was a lucky winner. I was a member of the BackingBlack fan club and entered a draw. There were 10 lucky winners. (We did have to do a bit of yoga with the All Blacks and that was incredibly entertaining. Some of the boys have such large muscles it was too hard for them to do the exercises).
From Mrs Laburn

Aum said...

Hi Phoenix Yes we are lucky to have a teacher meet the All Blacks. Phoenix what is your favourite All Black player? My one is Dan Carter and Piri Weepu, those are my favourite players. I watched it and I was tired at half time. From Aum Kids with a view

Anonymous said...

Mrs Laburn had fun when she went to see the All Blacks and I wish I met an All Black because they are cool if I met an All Black I will be happy and excited. Have you met a All Black before PJ?
From Anya Kids with a view

Mallika said...

IH Mrs Labern How did you feel when met the
All Ballks. By Mallika.


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