Monday, November 12, 2012

Playing Road Patrols - Road Safety

Aryaan and George are playing road patrols. 
They are teaching Maia, Kevin, Gina and Alvin 
how to cross the road safely.
Can you see how they look both ways for traffic 
before they put the signs out?
And check again before they let the children cross the road.
Maia, Kevin, Gina and Alvin don't run across the road they walk.
Notice how they don't talk to the patrols. 
They don't want to distract them from checking the road for traffic.
Great job Aryaan and George - you are excellent patrols!

Keeping Safe
Road safety is a thing that you should learn if you want to keep safe and have a healthy life. Here are the things that you should do if you want to keep safe  and have a healthy life. Never talk to strangers  because they might be dangerous. You should not play on the road because you might get run over by a car. Watch out for sneaky drive ways. If there is a pedestrian crossing around use it because it's safer to use. Wear a helmet when you ride your  bike, scooter, or skate board so you don't crack your head open if you fall on the concrete. You should always go to the park with an adult because you might get stolen by a stranger.  BY ASHIRA  
Keeping Safe
Road Safety helps you. These are some of the things you need to do.
1.  Never run on the road because when you are dead you are dead.
2. Never talk to strangers because they can hurt you.
3. Watch out for sneaky driveways because a car could be backing out of their driveway.
4. If there is a pedestrian crossing close cross there because otherwise you could get hit by a car.
5. Wear a helmet when you're riding a bike because if you fall off you can get brain damage.
6. Play in your backyard because it is safer.
7. When you go to the park you need a parent to supervise you because somebody could take you.
8. Don't worry about a ball that goes on the road. Don't run on the road to get it.
Those are some things how to keep safe.
By Sienna


Khush said...

Excellent job guys

Mallika said...

I like practising on road saftey because it tells you how to be saftey. By Mallika.


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