Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Morgan the Orca

On the 1st of November our whole school dressed in black and white to support
the campaign for the release of Morgan the orca.
You can keep up to date with this campaign by clicking 
on the photo of Morgan below. 
Miss Norton a teacher at our school and Ingrid Visser 
scientist, researcher and founder of the Orca Research Trust are great friends
who are passionate about orca. 

This is a photo of the Junior school - what great supporters!


Sefton Senior Student said...

This is such an awesome way to support Morgan the Orca, and it’s great that we can keep up to date. I hope someday our school could support something as meaningful as this.


Mallika said...

I am happy that we are going to save Morgen because if we don't Free Morgen then she won't go to the whiled. By Mallika.


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