Friday, November 23, 2012

Cross Country - Juniors

On the 9th November the Juniors held their cross country races.
All the children ran with determination to succeed.

Congratulations to the following children in Room 3
Kairyn - 1st place Year 2 Boys
Robbie - 4th place Year 2 Boys
Sienna - 3rd place Year 2 Girls
Neeve 4th place Year 2 Girls

kairyn's mum was so proud!


Michelle Whitton said...

Well done everyone in the cross country! It
was great to see you all doing so well and having fun!

Anya said...

I lked cross contry because it was osim for me congragulaitn all you gise in room 3 it was great from Anya.

Gina said...

I came 4th in the heat!
I was really puffed out!!!!


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