Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coming to you soon! Dick Whittington

Coming soon to a blog near you!
Are you excited? 
Finally, here's the trailer for our play Dick Whittington. 
The full play version will be posted shortly. 

Two of our reading groups - the Pirate Flags and Pirate Treasures practised and practised 
 learning their lines and perfecting their actions 
ready to present their wonderful play.

Do you know the story of Dick Whittington?

This version of Dick Whittington was 
retold by Annette Smith and Illustrated by Elise Fowler


Jacey's Dad said...

Hi, I love your blog. It is very interesting to read. I loved the Dick Whittington video it was very nice. I hope you guys keep on putting awesome things on your interesting blog.

Aryaan said...

Cool Mrs Laburn!

aum said...

I was so nervous in the play but the next time it was better

Kidswithaview - Room 3 said...

Nicolas said it was fun being in the play.

Aum said...

I was nervous when i did the play but the next time it was better.

Kidswithaview - Room 3 said...

Room 3 you are amazing!!!!!!

George said...

George said... I love the Dick whittington.

Jacey's Grandma said...


I love the Dick Whittington play.
I like the blog because you can change different languages.

Mallikja said...

I liked the Dick Whittington video because it was just like a fariy tale. By Mallika.

Shreya said...

The trailer looks so cool.I can't wait to see the Dick Whittington Play!


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