Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to make a Green Screen

How to Green Screen by Nicolas

Step 1.     First you need to find a background and 
put it in keynote.
Step 2.     You get in your position and get a picture or you and 
put it where you want. 
You should be in front of the green sheet.
Step 3.     Then put your photo on keynote and click on Alpha and it will cut the green color out. 
If you make a mistake you can 
press command z and it will undo it.
Step 4.     Put the photo of you on the background.
 If you are behind the background photo 
use arrange to bring it to the front.

1 comment:

Mallika said...

I like everybodys green screening and I like how all of us tryed our best. By Mallika.


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