Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Global Read Aloud Day

Today - Wednesday March 6th is 
Global Read Aloud Day.
It's a day to celebrate the importance of 
reading and sharing stories.
Room 15 at Tawa Intermediate in Wellington decided to make a movie of a children's book
for young children to enjoy - they shared it with us.
The book is called "The Big Block of Chocolate" 
by Janet Slater Redhead.
The class broke into pairs. Each pair had to create a scene for each page of the book.
This is their final product.

What is your favourite scene?
Do you think the class should eat the big block of chocolate?
The children were wondering was there anything they could do to 
make a video better next time?
You can visit their work at

1 comment:

Claire said...

That must if been lots of maths keep it up!!!


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