Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simoné's last day

Friday was Simoné's last day at Point View School 
as she is moving to Upper Hutt.
We will miss you lots Simoné. 
Best wishes for your learning journey at Plateau School.
Simoné's mum spoilt us by bring in pizza for our lunch. 
It was very yummy!
Can you see the card we made for Simoné?
Thanks Padme for a fantastic Marvin portrait.

Take a closer look at Marvin...
Can you see who he's holding?
It's little Marvin!
Mrs Laburn discovered him in her 
soft toy collection of orangutans!
Marvin thinks it's great to have a little buddy to take care of.


Room 4 said...

Oh that is so nice that Marvin has a new buddy. What are you going to call him?
From Room 4

Claire said...

It's sad that Simon'e is leaving and I like the card that you have made!


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