Thursday, March 21, 2013

Marvin loves the Vodafone Warriors

Marvin had another exciting fun filled weekend. 

On Friday he went to swimming lessons with George.

First he was a kind of shy...
so he watched George a little bit...
but then he put googles on...
and then he put googles and a swimming cap on...
and right before George's eyes he dived on in.
Can you see the photo of Marvin after he went swimming?
He loved his goggles and swimming cap so much he didn't want to take them off.
Later on George found him chatting to the receptionist!
You sure are friendly Marvin.

On Saturday night Marvin didn't know it 
but he was in for a big surprise!!

George took him to the 
Vodafone Warriors vs Roosters game at Eden Park.
Marvin couldn't believe his eyes! What a massive stadium!
By the end of the nigh Marvin, George and George's brother Max had no voices left.
They were screaming for Sonny Bill and the Roosters.
Did you watch the game on TV?
Who were you supporting?


Miss Revell said...

Hi Kids with a View

Gosh, Marvin loves going to big games. He went to a Magpies game last winter with me. He will have so enjoyed seeing the Warriors play.

We were all so excited watching the slide show yesterday. The stadium looks enormous, and much better than anything that we have in Hawkes Bay.

Thanks for taking such good care of him.

From Miss Revell

Daniel said...

Wow George it would be awesome if I went to a real game like that, lucky on you!

Daniel said...

That must been a awsome game!

Mallika said...

Hi I hope marvin had a good time. From Mallika.


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