Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marvin's Adventures Continue...

Last night Cory and Blake took Marvin out to dinner at 
The Beach House in Bucklands Beach.
Marvin loved the food!
And the play at the beach after dinner!
His favourite thing was to collect shells. 
Can you see them in his hand?

Marvin Meets the People who Work at Point View School

Jobs People do Around Point View School
By William

This morning we brought Marvin to where some teachers and some adults work and when he met them they shook his hand. First we went to the office. We were going to visit Mrs Parr the principal but she was in a meeting so Mrs Tanner our office lady met Marvin. Marvin talked on the telephone. Then he met Tai the Nude Food monkey. Next we went to Mr Rivett. First Marvin cleaned the floor then him and Mr Rivett chopped some wood with an electric saw. After that we went to the library but nobody but Mrs Laburn got a photo. After the library we went to the cafe. Marvin was handing out coffees. After the cafe we went to Mr Rankin. He shook Marvin's hand and then Marvin cut some wood by himself. This time he used a normal saw.

Jobs Around the School
By Robbie

On Tuesday Room 14 went out with Marvin so he could do some jobs. First he did Mrs Tanner's job. He answered the telephones. It was funny because he was doing someone else's work. Next we went down the stairs to Mr Rivett. Marvin looked like he was cutting a piece of wood. Next we went to the library. Marvin looked like he was scanning a book. Next we went to the cafe. Marvin looked like he was making a cup of tea. I was in the photo too. We went to the music room and it was funny when he was playing the piano. Marvin looked like he was cutting wood with a saw with Mr Rankin. Next we went down the steps and we saw Miss Pirie. Miss Pirie is the Middle School Principal. Marvin was doing Miss Pirie's work. Then we went back to class.

Marvin works at Point View School
By Haya

Today we took Marvin for a walk. First we went to Mrs Tanner and then Marvin shook Mrs Tanner's hand. Mrs Tanner works in the office. She even answers the phone and she even does paper work. Then we went to Mr Rivett and Marvin shook Mr Rivett's hand. Mr Rivett fixes stuff for the school. Then we went to Mr Rankin and then Marvin shook Mr Rankin's hand. Mr Rankin does technology but he doesn't do all of the classes all in one time he does it one day for one class.


Room 4 said...

Hi! Room 14,
Marvin is having such a fun time at your school!
We liked seeing Marvin relaxing in the pot.
Vahoi liked watching Marvin on the laptop. He must be very busy at your school.
We liked Marvin playing the piano and the drums.
From Room 4

Mallika said...

Hello it's Mallika I think marvin is cute. From Mallika

Rohan said...

Wow Marvin was really cool especially when he was at the saw making a rat trap! You are saving the kiwi Marvin. Ka pai!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the part when the lunch order ladies shook Marvin's hand. I was so cute! Aaminah


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