Monday, March 11, 2013

Marvin's Marvelous Monday

Marvin's day started with the Middle School run... 
Room 14 made sure he had a school hat on to protect him from the morning's hot sun.
 Marvin thought Daniel would like to run with him seeing as today is 
Daniel's 7th Birthday! Happy Birthday Daniel!
Next Marvin said hi to a few of his old blogging buddies from 2012's Kids with a Vew kids.
They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Marvin on the field!
After lunch Room 14 took Marvin for a tour of the school's "Hive"
The "Hive" is where a lot of our Enviro School action happens.

Can you see Marvin ...

in the sandpit
playing the musical instruments
playing with the water wheel
relaxing on the hammock
checking out the worm farm
watering new plants
enjoying the garden art
weeding in the maze
getting lost in the maze
fast asleep!

What exciting things will tomorrow bring?


Robyn Aston said...

What a wonderful holiday Marvin is having in Auckland - Room 14 you are amazing hosts!!!
(p.s. Happy 7th birthday Daniel!)

Eagerly awaiting more Room 14 news...

Room 4 said...

Hi! Room 14,
It looks like Marvin is having a marvelous time visiting you in Auckland.
We are wondering what are you feeding him? Room 4 is sure he likes bananas.
Your garden looks really cool. We liked the bees. Do you have real bees at your school? We liked seeing that your school has some of the same things as us.
From Room 4

Miss Revell said...

Good afternoon Kids with a View

Jack just said "This is just getting better every day!"

Jimmy is worried that Marvin is getting dirty. He might need to have a wash in the washing machine or shower.

Violet was so pleased that he was wearing a hat, because we thought that we should have sent his hat up with him. Thanks for letting him borrow one of yours.

We hope that is behaving himself. We love the photos and the videos that you have posted. Lola wonders what fun places he will go to next.

Thanks for helping him out when he got lost in the maze!

From the iKids and Miss Revell

Rohan said...

I hope he had fun discovering the great features of point view school:)


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