Friday, March 22, 2013

Marvin's last day at Point View School

Marvin finally had the chance to visit Mrs Parr our Principal today.
Enrico held Marvin as he was a little shy and nervous.
But true to Marvin style he wasn't shy for long.
Mrs Parr invited him into her office.
She loved his cheeky smile and couldn't resist a cuddle!
She even let him fill her shoes.
Marvin the school Principal 
He even wore Mrs Parr's glasses so he could see while working on her iPad.
And he loved her comfy, spinning chair!

Then it was time to say goodbye.
Thanks for visiting us Marvin.

Dear iKids
Thank you for sharing your precious mascot.
We had a fantastic time and had many, many fun learning opportunities.
We will miss him!
Keep in touch - love from Kids with a view.


Luke said...

Looks like Mrs Parr and Marvin were having a wonderful time!

Robbie said...

It is funny how Marven is hanging on recos back.

Information Systems said...

Great Information thanks for your effort :) Keep it up.

Claire said...

It's sad that Marvin's going and it's funny that Marvin's hanging on Rico's back


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