Sunday, March 10, 2013

Marvin's Weekend in Auckland

On Friday night Marvin went to BMX in Papakura 
with Oskar, Alex, Cory and Blake.
I wonder what stories the boys will have to share with us tomorrow?

Oskar's family had a great weekend with Marvin.
They took him on a tour in a Ford Galaxy!
Marvin even got a turn at driving!
They cruised past the Sky Tower, saw the water feature at Wynyard Quarter, watched the draw bridge, relaxed in the giant deck chairs, had fun playing with the talking funnels, cruised past Kelly Tarltons and stopped for gelato!
Doesn't it all look amazing at night time.
Phew! What a great start to your Auckland trip!


Miss Revell said...

Kia Ora Kids with a View!

Thank you for looking after Marvin so far! We have loved seeing the clips and the photos. Thank you for taking Marvin to lots of fun places.

We saw that Marvin had fun. We are sure that he will have even more fun with you too. Some of us have been on BMX tracks too. It really appealed to us!

We are so thrilled that Marvin has seen so much of Auckland. We are so happy that he is up there.

From the iKids and Miss Revell

Daniel said...

Watching the draw bridge would be really cool, did Oskar go to anymore places?


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